The Future of Care Work – Digital Artefact Pitch

This digital artefact will function as a way to speculate and provide information on where the future of care work is headed in the next 10 or so years. I have actually undertaken research on care work in a past International Studies capstone subject where I produced a major research paper on the subject of the commodification of care work. This is why I have chosen care work as the focus of my DA.

The future of care work is something that I believe needs to be talked about and discussed more as in some form or another we are all going to be affected by the many issues affecting this industry within our lifetime – be it having to put a parent or grandparent into a nursing home, a child into daycare or having to make a sacrifice and deciding to undertake the role of care provider yourself.

My DA will be a podcast series and supplementary website focusing on the future of care work. Each of the podcasts will focus on the following subjects:

  1. The state of care work today
  2. The technologies that have already been developed with care work in mind
  3. How the combination of these two previous points will influence and shape the future of care work as a whole

Subjects that will be covered in the podcasts will include the policies surrounding care work that shape its future, and how technologies such as the therapeutic/assistive robots PARO and Stevie and how they could help/hinder the future of care work.

I plan on uploading the podcasts to Soundcloud and then embedding them in the website which will either be WordPress based or Wix based.

The timeline for this DA is as follows:

  • 1st week of April – complete website design
  • 3rd week of April – upload first podcast (the state of care work today) and embed in website
  • 1st week of May – upload second (current and developing technologies) podcast and embed in website
  • 3rd week of May – upload third podcast (the future of care work) and embed in website


Seeing as I have undertaken research on care work before I do have quite an extensive research base to refer to. However, I will be looking for more current research via academic journals and online articles in order to provide the most up to date and relevant information for the website and podcasts.

This will be a speculative DA which means that I will be utilising some of the concepts mentioned in the week 3 lecture surrounding future studies and futurology. In doing so I will be analysing and interpreting the present and past of care work, I will be predicting the future developments of care work, and I will be evaluating the possible futures of care work and their desirability.

In terms of feedback, I will be quite reliant on the feedback of my fellow BCM325 classmates but will also seek feedback from the public by posting my DA pitch on twitter and by sending it to people I know who I believe will have some interest in the future of care work (some of my friends who work in aged care and nursing).

I look forward to hearing your feedback and hope you enjoy the end result of this DA once it is complete.


Until next time,




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