BCM325: The Future of Care Work Beta


My digital artefact has remained largely unchanged in the ideas and function it is aiming to serve. I am still building a speculative DA focusing on the future of care work in the next 10 years (specifically aged care) and will still be uploading 3 different podcasts to a website that collates and serves as a platform for the podcasts to be located centrally. The three topics I am focusing are still:

1) The state of care work today

2) The technologies that have already been developed

3) The future of care work.

As mentioned in my video, I have had to adapt my original plan to have my website function as a place that holds additional information as well as the podcasts. The website now functions purely as a place to locate the podcasts and transcripts. This change was made in response to feedback suggesting that I was making too much work for myself and I have adapted my DA accordingly. I agree with the feedback and believe that this change will allow me to produce higher quality podcasts.

I also will be featuring more emphasis on the effects of COVID-19 on the care work industry. The effect it has had on this industry is unparalleled and I think it is something that definitely HAS to be looked into as I believe it will change (and has already changed) the function and process of care work (in particular aged care) drastically and that we will see the effects of this in years to come.

A major issue I have encountered with my DA is gaining engagement from a public audience. Posting about my DA on twitter has unfortunately proved futile as has Reddit. I believe that my issues with Reddit surrounds the fact that I am a new user and have no karma (?) and possibly need to reword my questions to suit the audience better. I have had some luck with gaining feedback from a friend of mine who did the same International Studies subject where I originally wrote a major research paper on the commodification of care work. So seeing as she is familiar with my research in the past she proved quite helpful in pointing me in the direction of other academic sources that could help me.

My main focus over the next 2-3 weeks is recording my podcasts and uploading them and also trying to gain more engagement from an outside audience.


Until next time,


Published by Alana Smith

Alana Smith. Studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies and a Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

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